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How to Sell Linux to Schools- Part 2

31 May

Building on the last post, I welcome the opportunity to share some of my experiences with deploying Linux in schools. It is a very broad topic however I will stay with the previous outline. First of all, it is a matter of migrating schools to Linux, not selling them.  Second, the approach is different based on whether the school in located in a developing country, the EU or North America.

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Is Chromium Faster Than Firefox

30 May

Just a quick post today. Since Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx was released I have been using Firefox 3.6 on my, pretty powerful, laptop using a 24MB/S broadband connection. 2 days ago I started using Chromium (not chrome) which is the open source base on which Google created Google Chrome on. I would say that Chromium is about 3 times faster than Firefox. What is you experience? Vote below.

Changed Theme

29 May

I’ve changed my theme as I was told it wasn’t as clean and easy on the eyes as possible.

How to Sell Linux to Schools

28 May

In my earlier post ‘How to Sell Linux’ I looked at three different ways how to popularize Linux and make it more mainstream as well as a household name. In the post I will look specifically at how I would sell Linux to schools, examining all the aspects of such a deployment and how I would do it and what distro and software I would use.

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Ubuntu One

27 May

Ubuntu One is the next step in personal cloud computing, which in the developers view ” simplifies your digital life” to quote the homepage of the project. It is worth reading up on all the information on the site, however I will explain in detail the features of it as well as the upsides and downsides of using it.

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