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2 Amazing Websites

9 May

You know those times when you just think to yourself “Wow! I wish I’d thought of that” well that’s what I think every time I visit these 2 websites. They are both sites which give you user added links to location where you can watch films, t.v. shows and listen to music, although, neither of the sites actually host any of the content except the links they still make money by referring people to the websites.

These 2 websites are 1. LetMeWatchThis.com and 2. tv.blinkx.com. They are both worth checking out as they are totally free and are brilliant for that day you pull a sicky from work for some light entertainment.

The Shops Been Stopped

9 May

Wow, I’m a poet and I know it. Well on a slightly less upbeat note I’ve chosen to take down the shop and put it on hold for the moment as it breaches rules on websites which I find very helpful such as the Fedora Forums and the Ubuntu Forums.

On another note I will be adding the ShareThis button on the end of every post from now on so I would appreciate it if you would share the posts, pages or the blog to world on Facebook, Twitter or other services.