Ubuntu One

27 May

Ubuntu One is the next step in personal cloud computing, which in the developers view ” simplifies your digital life” to quote the homepage of the project. It is worth reading up on all the information on the site, however I will explain in detail the features of it as well as the upsides and downsides of using it.

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How to Sell Linux

22 May

Sell- Verb (used with object)- to persuade or induce (someone) to buy or use something

That’s one of the many definitions of the word sell, it is also the definition which allowed me to use the word in this context. This post is all about how we (as a community of Linux users) could persuade or induce someone or some people to use Linux in many different ways; whether is be in an organisation or for personal use.

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20 May

What does everybody think about on Technorati that you need to place a unique combination on letters and numbers into a post for you to verify that you own the blog? They gave me this one- 46ZSNKZYT77A . It really annoys me because I had to go out of my way and find a way to post this on the blog without me looking like a total jackass! 😀

New Page- My Videos

20 May

I’ve created a new page called My Videos, it will be a mix of my favourite videos and the ones I create: all of which will be about tutorials based on Windows, Mac and Linux as well as online stuff.

How to Watch Hulu.com in the UK

20 May


If you live in the United States then you probably won’t get the Hulu.com reference, however if you live anywhere else, chances are you know exactly what I mean

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