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How to Watch in the UK

20 May


If you live in the United States then you probably won’t get the reference, however if you live anywhere else, chances are you know exactly what I mean

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5 Lightweight Alternatives to Popular Applications

11 May

Okay so if you have been reading my blog regularly you will have noticed that I love free, open source software, which in many cases is an alternative to popular, expensive and worst of all closed-source software. Here is my list of 5 Lightweight Alternatives to Popular Applications (with a brief introduction and explanation of the contents, of course)

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Software Spotlight- Bluefish

10 May

One bit of software I use all the time is called Bluefish. Bluefish is an HTML editor for part-time or experienced web designers. “It includes nice wizards for inserting images and linking thumbnails with the original image.” to quote the developer.
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The Best Linux Communities

9 May

Linux has, by far, the best communities of developers, designers and users. There are many different forums for the specific Linux distros such as Fedora, Linux Mint or Ubuntu. From my experience the best forums (Most Active)  forums are the ones over at Ubuntu and Fedora (link in the name) with a number of professionals and amateurs alike all willing to give answers to your questions or if you need somebodies view on your site or blog.

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2 Amazing Websites

9 May

You know those times when you just think to yourself “Wow! I wish I’d thought of that” well that’s what I think every time I visit these 2 websites. They are both sites which give you user added links to location where you can watch films, t.v. shows and listen to music, although, neither of the sites actually host any of the content except the links they still make money by referring people to the websites.

These 2 websites are 1. and 2. They are both worth checking out as they are totally free and are brilliant for that day you pull a sicky from work for some light entertainment.