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5 Lightweight Alternatives to Popular Applications

11 May

Okay so if you have been reading my blog regularly you will have noticed that I love free, open source software, which in many cases is an alternative to popular, expensive and worst of all closed-source software. Here is my list of 5 Lightweight Alternatives to Popular Applications (with a brief introduction and explanation of the contents, of course)

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How To download a Torrent (A Legal One)

8 May

Here is my video tutorial of how to download a (legal) torrent using the Linux client Transmission.

This tutorial presumes you have a basic knowledge of torrents… You can find that here.

5 Great Firefox Addons

6 May

Using any operating system whether it be Mac or Linux just wouldn’t be the same without all the amazing plugins and add-ons created by the open-source community supporting software

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The Web

6 May

As well as blogging about Linux, Mac and Windows I’m going to be blogging about the internet in general. Since many of the tutorials and things I will be doing will be made about Firefox and Chrome I advise you download and install them from the links provided (in the names).